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About us

ARENA® company produces professional lighting equipment. Our devices is controlled by ARENA® Software, with its easily understandable, intuitive interface, gives you quick access to all the functions you need. Interface is available in both Russian and English languages. 

We offer a unique and comprehensive Customer Protection System. Our devices are protected against unauthorized copies and fakes. 

All сustomers have a private user account with access via our website. To activate your device you must enter a unique code, received through our website in your private user account.



Customers can to confirm the authenticity of ARENA® devices without registering on the website, by simply entering the serial number.


Warranty service

- 3 year warranty.

- The warranty is valid for its designated period from the moment of activation; not from the moment of purchase. 


Peace of mind for Dealers and Distributors

Your own private dealers account available through our website.  Here you can find:

- Purchase history.

- Device history (activation date, maintenance records , sales history).

- Check device operation and basic functions without activation.


Protection for Equipment Rental and Installation Companies

Our device offers a system of safeguards from theft and misappropriation. 

Protect your devices with full or partial blockage functions.




- Complete lock-down of the device;

- Partial lock (lock access to settings, while retaining functions allowing for managing the device.

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